A new online resource for caregivers:

Being a caregiver not takes a lot of time and energy. And to be successful at it you need resources you can count on. With you at the center, you can more easily take control of your caregiving with the proper support in place around you. Checkout


CareGround provides caregivers an online database of premier service providers focused on geriatrics and dementia care. CareGround listings include physicians, elder care attorneys, trust and estate planners, CCRC’s (Continuing Care Retirement Communities), and virtually all other providers of related services.

This database is a collection of listings for elder care with search options including desired professional specialty and location. In addition, specialists in CareGround’s database are reviewed by CareGround members, so that other CareGround users can make more informed decisions regarding which service providers to utilize.

Beyond listings, CareGround delivers informative periodic newsletters, smart editorial features and a vibrant community via help forums. Searched content, community contacts and personalized notes can be saved within the member’s individual profile, referred to as ‘My CareGround’.

Membership is recommended and is entirely free.

One thought on “ A new online resource for caregivers:

  1. longtermcarehub December 19, 2013 / 8:01 am

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    Finding reliable caregiving resources is hard to come by these days and good thing came to the picture. One of the concerns that caregivers should give importance to, is how to effectively take care of themselves. Taking care of patients with Alzheimer’s, Dementia and other serious conditions is no joke. There will come a time that these caregivers will reach their limit and get burned out. Through CareGround’s forums, caregivers can finally reach out to their fellow caregivers and ask for tips on how to alleviate stress. Another thing that they should be concerned about is how they can manage work and caregiving duties. It would be easier to do the said tasks after reading this:

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